Friday, August 17, 2007

That'll Keep Her Busy

Beth told me yesterday that, starting the 28th, she'll be working Tuesday nights, too. Currently she 'works' Monday and Wednesday nights from 4-9. I say 'works' because it doesn't sound like she really does much - just hangs around waiting for the phone to ring. She has time to work on wordsearch puzzles and talk to her friends who come by. Occasionally she does have to take orders and actually make some food, but overall it sounds like a real cushy job. And she gets paid to do it. Yeah, she's got it tough!

It does sound like she should be a little busier on Tuesday nights because it's their 2 for 1 night, where, if you buy 1 pizza you get 1 free. So they get more orders coming in. I think I might have to get pizza on Tuesday night sometime. They have some that sound really good.

School starts soon - the day after Labor Day - and I'm hoping she can handle working and school. Of course, her priority is work, because she gets paid for that. School has never been a high priority with her, even now that her grades directly affect the cost of her car insurance. Since she doesn't have a B average yet, she has to pay for her own insurance. You'd think she'd hate to have to do that - less money to spend on clothes and such - but she seems to think that is easier to do than actually do the school work and get the grades.

At least she has some extra time at work, so there won't be any excuses for not getting homework done.