Thursday, August 23, 2007

This Little Face is Staring at Me

Originally uploaded by bcmom.
I'm sitting here at the desk where I am supposed to be working on getting Quicken updated. Tillie came down the stairs, and I suddenly noticed she was just sitting on the other side of the desk staring at me. She just sat there for the longest time. This kitty is very strange, but probably no more than any other kitty. She certainly is entertaining - and cute. If Beth isn't going to stay home long enough to enjoy her, then the rest of us will. Just as long as Beth is home when it's time to clean up the litter box!


  1. Hi Anna! such a cute and adorable kitty! yeah, she looks like she's studying and observing you, maybe she wants to help you with your Quicken stuff! Can I share a link to this post with a friend who totally adores cats? ;)

    thanks for dropping by my ideasnpink!


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