Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Successful Style

It will be time to start shopping for school clothes soon - after the kids get paid for their work at the fair, of course. Now, what the kids, especially Beth, think is fashionable or "in style" is not exactly what I might like. I guess if they're paying for their own clothes, they can buy what they like, within reason. Eventually they'll learn about true style and timeless fashions. Of course, it seems that, even for grown-ups, styles change. Constantly. When Jeffrey and I went shopping this past weekend, I noticed some shirts and ties. It made me sad that he has gone away from wearing a shirt and tie all the time, for work and for church. Sure, those golf shirts are ok, but there's just something put-together and sexy about a man in a shirt and tie. He even had the pocket square that he could fold to go with any of his ties. It wasn't nearly as nice as these, designed by Peter Belisi, though. I love silk!

I just read about Belisi's start in fashion, and noticed the part about his investing extra money in his tie collection. That ended up leading to his business and his success. It makes you wonder. How much does style have to do with success? Quite a bit, I'd say. Now, if I can get my husband to start wearing ties again.