Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Drivers Ed.

Like I mentioned before, Cory had to take drivers ed during summer school. He finished the classroom portion of the class in 4 weeks, got a B+ and a quarter credit. It kind of messed his summer up because he was wanting to go visit his grandparents, but what can you do?

Now we're planning to have him take the driving portion of the class next summer. Hopefully he will remember most of what he learned this summer! He only turned 15 last month, so he can't get his driving permit (temps) until January at the earliest. If we wanted to sign him up for a driving school at that time we could. If we can find a local school like Labonte's Auto School in MA and RI, that would be good. They offer one-week programs and very flexible evening and weekend classes.

Of course, if Cory doesn't end up having a need to drive sooner, we can wait and let him take the driving instruction next summer through our school district. If it's the same as it has been the past two summers, it won't cost us anything. We really do have a great deal in our school district when it comes to drivers ed.