Thursday, August 23, 2007

Life as it Should Be

If you're looking for more ways to waste time on the Internet, I mean, have fun on the Internet, check out the new Coke zero site. They call it Life as it Should Be, and you get to choose a black and white movie scene and put your own dialog in. Then you get to watch your movie, save it, and send it to all your friends. Cory and I were laughing out loud! Then we started watching other people's movies. Too funny!

Coke Zero - they say it's real taste, zero sugar. The movies on this website? Real fun, zero sugar!

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  1. G'day from Australia, Anna,

    Vic Grace has passed on your ``middle name'' tag to me, so I'll be posting shortly.

    Like you, I am also married to my best friend. It's a great way to be.

    I've enjoyed your site and shall be adding you to my blogroll. Do let me know if that's fine with you.

    Good luck. Will visit again.

    Keep smiling



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