Friday, August 17, 2007

Weight Loss with the Lap-Band

The other day on Good Morning America, they had a young girl on who had liposuction at 12 and then a lapband procedure at 13, when she started gaining the weight back. There seems to be quite a bit of controversy over a girl so young having the lap band done. Because she was under 18, her parents chose to go to Mexico to have the procedure done.

I'm thankful that I don't have to make that kind of decision for my own kids. Though they may not be as active as they could be, neither one of them has a weight problem. If they did, would I consider surgery? I don't know. Any kind of surgery seems drastic, but, if it's a health issue and needs done, I like the fact that the LAP-BAND® procedure is an adjustable and reversible weight loss surgery. That makes it seem a better choice than some of the others out there.


  1. Hey, I did this post for PPP too! I like yours better than mine. You're a very good writer.

  2. I wonder was this a necessary procedure or just to combat weight gain? I would look for alternative ways to fight a health problem before resorting to surgery...especially with my kids!


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