Monday, August 06, 2007

Mom is a Person, too

I just had to quote this from one of my friends on LiveJournal:
If you ever want to make a mother (or a father) with young children feel loved chat with them while they are watching their children. Yes, sometimes it is a pain and it seems like you never finish a conversation with them because of all the interruptions but the mother or father will feel loved. Really they will.
So true! It seems that you are a person in your own right, until you have kids. Then suddenly you become somebody's mom or somebody's dad. No one actually notices you any more. It's all about the kids. You've noticed that about me, right? I'm Beth & Cory's mom. That's just who I am. Now they're teenagers, and soon they'll be out of the house. Then who will I be?

That's sound pretty pathetic, doesn't it? Truly, I don't feel that way. I love being Beth & Cory's mom, and I'll always be their mom, but that really isn't all there is to me. I think it is very important for moms to take time for themselves. Sometimes you just have to.

For now my time is over. I need to get the kids up and get going. We have to go get them registered for school today before they have to leave for work. Beth wants to pick up her paycheck and stop by the bank, too.