Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shopping for Silver

The kids have been at the State Fair every day, though they've been working the whole time and haven't had time to walk around and enjoy the fair. They did get off early yesterday, so they could've stayed for a while, but they came home. I would've stayed. I love our State Fair. When we lived in Illinois, we never went to the fair, but we've been going practically every year since we moved here to Wisconsin. Jeffrey and I are planning to go Sunday - the last day of the fair.

One of the things I always look at while there is the jewelry. There are all kinds of shops and booths selling all kinds of things - toe rings, body jewelry, rings, necklaces, etc. I can't help myself. I always have to look. You never know what I might find that I just have to have. I was checking out the Celtic jewellery on this website today and found this necklace (see pic) that I really like. It's a sterling silver Celtic style eternal necklace. Very pretty. I'm thinking I should look for something like this on Sunday. If I don't find anything, I can always go online and order it. Even though this website is based in the U.K., they do ship to other countries. I can't get the free shipping, because that's only to U.K. addresses on orders over £60, but I can still get the necklace - or a bracelet, or some earrings. So many choices!

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  1. The pix of the Celtic jewelry are lovely! They look very delicate. I've only been to the mid-state fair here in CA, and never had a chance to enjoy the booths. My kids, when younger, showed their chickens and goats during the day, and in the evening, there were concerts. I enjoy it still, but my teens have definitely outgrown that scene.


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