Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Never See Her

I know I didn't run around nearly as much when I was a teenager. It's like Beth is never here. We've been teasing her that the cat doesn't know who she is. Tillie loves us and snuggles us because we're home with her. When Beth comes home, she just wants to run off and hide. Tillie, not Beth. Actually, Beth seems to run and hide, too. She spends a lot of time in her room when she is here. I'm not sure how she can stand it - that place is such a mess! She starts to clean it, but it never seems to get finished. The next thing you know it looks like a hurricane or some other kind of natural disaster hit in there. Maybe one of these days she'll learn to clean up. Mostly she just says she doesn't care - she likes it like that. Yeah, right. I think she's just too lazy to do anything about it. Anyway, she begged for a tv in there for the longest time, and I didn't want her to have one because I knew we'd never see her. Then, she bought her own computer and put it in there - and we really don't see her. She hates that I have the router set to kick her off the Internet at night so that she will go to bed and not stay up all night talking to people online about who knows what. I would prefer she not talk to some of those people any of the time, but she's not going to let us pick her friends - and mostly she does talk to people she knows in real life and not some scary stranger she's just met online. She thinks she's too smart for that, but that doesn't stop me from reminding her on a regular basis.

Anyway, she's gone again. Off to see Tim. She thinks she has to spend every possible moment with him, since school will start soon and work will get in the way and all this other stuff... Today she was gone most of the day because she agreed to take her friend Azaria to the doctor. So, she was doing something to help someone else out, and that's a good thing.

I was home trying to get all the receipts and bills and financial stuff caught up. Don't worry, the bills have all been paid - it's the part where I enter everything into Quicken that I have fallen horribly behind on. Yeah, I'm positive I didn't run around nearly as much when I was a teenager. I still don't like running around all that much. Just let me stay home. I can find plenty to do around here.

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  1. I know what you mean about untidy/messy bedrooms.. It used to worry me but now I rarely look in there... it's a bit scary!


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