Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Lights in my Bathroom

I glanced up this afternoon and realized that one of the bulbs in our bathroom is burnt out and needs changed. I think there's one in the kids' bathroom that has needed changed for weeks now. Luckily, when we picked the lights for the house, we got bathroom lighting with the most bulbs possible. So, even though a bulb is burnt out, I can still see. Since changing light bulbs falls under the husband job description, I'd like Jeffrey to change the bulbs, though - because I like a lot of light.

When we picked the bathroom lights - all the lights for the house, for that matter - we had to go to a big showroom and pick them all out. I really had no idea what I wanted, so it took a while. Yes, I know, some people have their whole dream house all planned out and know exactly what they want. That's not me. I should have taken some time looking at some light fixtures online and maybe gotten some ideas ahead of time. Maybe I could even have found a site like Lighting Showplace where I could pick my lights, with some help from the Bathroom Lighting Buying Guide, order them, at a great price, and get them delivered without even having to go anywhere. That would have been much less stressful for me.