Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What's Different About Today?

Beth has been driving herself, Cory and Cristina to the Fair every day for work. This kind of makes me nervous because she's driving on the Interstate, in traffic - toward Milwaukee, etc. etc. I mean, she's driving in places I don't like to drive. Sure, I can drive there if I have to. I just don't want to. So it makes me nervous to have my 16-year-old daughter driving. She's a good driver overall, but still... I let her drive yesterday when we went over to the school, and she does play with the radio quite a bit, changing stations and such. I just want her to pay attention!

Anyway, she is supposed to call me when they get there every day so that I know they're safe. I also like her to call before they head home, but she doesn't always do that. She has been doing a real good job of calling me when they get there. Every day. Until today. What changed? I finally called her a few minutes ago - she didn't offer any explanation. Just said that she's working and can't talk.

Just when I think she's got it figured out and knows what's expected of her...


  1. My son is 19, and I still feel nervous when he drives long distances! I have a 16 year old who is about to get his license. Thank goodness for cell phones! My older one sometimes forgets to call me, and I wait on the edge of my seat. Finally, I call, and he apologizes for forgetting me. I have a challenging time not being first on his list anymore.

  2. Thanks for visiting my site! It's great to know other women have the same experiences being pregnant! I just thought I was being grumpy. :o)

    Well, I can't offer you any advice, because I'm only 23 and I don't have kids yet (due with my 1st in December). But, it wasn't too long ago that I was a teenager and I can remember hating having to call Mom every time I got somewhere. I thought it was such a hassle. Now I understand b/c I always worry about whether or not my Dad got to work safe (he has a 2 hour commute). Oh, and the part you said about just when you thought she'd figured out what you expected...Well, that is just when a teenager likes to change things up! lol.


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