Tuesday, August 14, 2007

She Pumped Her Own Gas!

Beth pumped her own gas for the first time ever! I just had to note that. We've been telling her for ages that, if she's going to drive, she needs to be able to fill the car up with gas. Somehow, she's always managed to get out of it - though we have shown her how. Most of the time, Cory does it. He pumps the gas for me. He pumps the gas for Beth. Yep, she's good at getting what she wants from her brother...

Today she was out and needed gas. She didn't have her brother with her, so she had to do it. We really need to get the gas gauge fixed on that car. It's broken, so you never know how much gas is in the tank. It always says empty. The only way to be safe is to keep track of how many miles have been driven since the last fill-up. When it gets close to 350 miles, it's time to fill up. And, like Beth was saying today, she can't just put $10 or $20 in. She has to fill it up, otherwise she won't know when she's about to run out of gas. Yes, we have AAA, but we really don't want her running out of gas. We'll have to get it fixed soon.