Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Saga of the Yard that Needed to be Mowed

Beth spent the night at Kayla's. She finally got up around 11 this morning and managed to call around 11:30. She was supposed to come home and mow the yard. Remember, she said she'd do it. Well, she thought the grass was too wet so she wouldn't be able to mow, so she didn't come home until 2pm. By then the sun had come out and it was starting to feel rather sticky. Still, she started mowing - not too much complaining, just got ready and went out to mow. Soon, she's back in the house. "It hurts." "I can't breathe." "I can't do this." I think she had mowed about half of the back yard by then. She was supposed to get the yard mowed and then she and Cory were going to go meet their dad to go shopping. He's got a 30% savings thing that expires today. 30% off of any purchase is significant savings, especially if they can find some good stuff on clearance.

Suddenly Beth is all pitiful. She's never going to get the yard done. They're just not going to go shopping. Cory wants to go shopping, so he agrees to help mow - even though he did it last time, and Beth is supposed to do the whole thing this time. It's just really sad how the girl is almost 17 years old, and she just can't mow a yard - never mind the whole complaining thing about how she shouldn't have to mow a yard anyway, especially not with a push mower. She should be in better shape than that! Of course, she says it has nothing to do with not being in shape. I don't know what it has to do with - besides just plain not wanting to do it. Lucky for her she has a brother who will jump in and help her out - sometimes even when there's nothing in it for him. It amazes me the things he will do for her, whether she deserves it or not. I'd love to see her do the same for him. I guess driving him up to go shopping qualifies in some kind of way.

So, they got the yard mowed, both took showers, and left to meet their dad. I can't go because I've got a library board meeting tonight. I don't need anything, anyway.