Friday, August 03, 2007

home theater

Jeffrey has big plans for 'his' basement. We all think the basement belongs to the whole family, and actually, the kids spend more time down there than any of the rest of us, but Jeffrey considers it his basement because he did all the work to finish it. The next step is to set up a home theater, complete with screen and mounted projector. We have the screen already, and he's actively looking for the projector. Some of these custom theater seats would be very, very nice, too. We started out with futons down there, and those have been replaced by some reclining rockers, but the kids complain they're not comfortable. These are real leather (100% real cowhide leather!) and look oh-so-comfortable. Besides that, it would make the basement look like a real theater more than just someone's basement where they occasionally watch movies. They even have cup holders!
Gallery Furniture is a Houston furniture store that offers great prices and same-day professional delivery. They have a huge selection in-stock, or you can special order. It says right here that, if you don't get your special order in 7 days, it's free. Do you think it's too much to ask them to deliver to Wisconsin?


  1. Maybe you should find some in your area--they would be perfect for a home theater!

    Here from Michele.
    Get a popcorn cart, too. Then charge yourself $6 for a small bag of it.

  2. I bet we could find some here if we really go out and look. It's amazing how popular home theaters are.

    I love that idea of charging for popcorn. Then we could use the money we 'make' to pay for our theater seats!


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