Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No Popcorn

We really did get a mountain bike! And movie tickets. And a $50 card to spend at the mall, or anywhere that takes American Express. They were out of the popcorn certificates, so no free popcorn. Overall, these were the best gifts we've ever gotten for sitting through one of these things.

The lady called yesterday afternoon and told me I had won. She said it would take about an hour while they explained why they were giving these gifts away. Since Jeffrey is going out of town to play golf for work on Thursday and not going to be home tonight or until late Thursday night, our only available time was last night. I was tempted not to go at all, but Cory has gotten too tall for his bike, and the chance to get him a new one for free was too good to pass up. So, I met Jeffrey there at about 5:30. That's when we found out that it was actually a 90 minute time-share presentation. We really didn't want to 'waste' 90 minutes, but we were already there...

We said no to the whole program and got our gifts. We've done these things before. Usually the gifts are pretty much useless - a 'free' trip that comes with all kinds of restrictions, etc. This time they actually gave us what they said they'd give us - no restrictions. All we had to do was take the certificate to Walmart and pick up the new bike. The lady at Walmart had to fill out some paperwork and get a signature, and we walked out with a new bike. It may not be the best bike in the world, but it was FREE, and now Cory has a bike that fits his growing self better.

Now for that trip to the mall, and to pick a movie to see with our two free tickets. It just might be that Halloween movie because I haven't heard of any other movies coming out that I really want to see.


  1. BCmom, great site about bringing up teenagers. I'll be popping by to follow your adventures with your brood, great education for me!

  2. Thanx for stopping by Pajama Mommy. I definitely think an about page is key. I like to know who I am reading about and if we have a lot in common or as I have tried before on certain sites with no avail would like to notify them of special guest blogging spots etc. It definitely is an issue.

  3. My daughter is total horror movie freak and really wants to see the new Halloween movie. She has all the Halloween movies on tape and DVD.

  4. Free with no strings it a good deal. Glad that worked out and you got that new bike. Very cool. And thanks for adding my Photo-A-Day widget, you get FREE new photos each and every day. I just had to throw FREE in there again. :-)


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