Monday, August 20, 2007

Secure File Transfer

One of the websites I put together required me to use a secure file transfer. I had never used that before, just regular ftp, so I had to go looking for a program that would work. I found one, then I switched computers and had to find another program - mainly because I hadn't done anything with that website in a long while and had forgotten what program I had used. Now I find Sysax FTP AutomationTM for Microsoft Windows®, which supports secure file transfer, along with a whole lot of things I don't begin to understand. Give me a little time to read about it, and I'll even understand FTP script automation. Reading about it, I get the idea that I could set up and schedule some of the file transfers. That could come in handy. A free 30-day trial version can be downloaded from

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  1. I'm tagging you with a My Middle Name Is meme. Check out my blog to see the rules. The post is almost done, but I had to see if you were already tagged before I tagged you. Have FUN!


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