Friday, August 03, 2007

The Growth Factor

The kids are working at the Wisconsin State Fair, in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. The good news is that they are inside out of the heat. The bad news is that the air conditioning can make it cold. Because of that, Cory decided to wear jeans to work today. He's been wearing shorts. It is summer, after all. He put his jeans on and found out that he only has one pair that fits. I was just at Walmart the other day and found some jeans on clearance for $11. I didn't grab any because I thought he was fine with jeans. Guess I was wrong. I wouldn't have known what size to get him, anyway and probably would have guessed wrong. I told him that he should get his sister to stop at Walmart on the way home from work today so he can get a pair of jeans. They practically drive right by there, anyway. He's got a debit card so he can pay for them.

That's one thing we didn't figure on. We have been giving Beth $40/month for clothes and health & beauty stuff. Now that Cory has a checking account, we're starting to give him money so he can pay for his own stuff, too. We figured he's a boy and doesn't need the same amount of health & beauty aids, so he won't need as much money. We didn't figure on the growth factor! He's going to need to buy clothes more often at the rate he's growing. We'll just have to give it a while to see how it goes. If he ends up needing more to buy the clothes he needs, we'll have to adjust the amount he gets.


  1. I recall one summer my now 6'5" nephew grew six inches. His mother told me all he did was eat, swin, eat, swim, sleep, eat, sleep. Six inches!

  2. ahhh, wisconsin. not british columbia. :-)

    i've been there. everybody talks funny and there was lots of cheese. we liked madison the best.

  3. Kids are so expensive. I don't have any girls, but between three boys, they got through a lot og clothes!

    Michele sent me,


  4. We have the same problem (on a smaller scale) with Boo and Skibo --- and when we try to pass their outgrown clothes on, they kick up a fuss, and Boo especially wants to keep her old clothes to dress her dolls up in!

    Michele would have sent me, but Mr A got here first!


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