Monday, August 20, 2007

Why Can't She Just Listen?

Beth called from work tonight - twice. First to see if she could spend the night with Kayla, and then the second time to see if she could call AAA because Tim locked his keys in the car. Ummm, she's supposed to be at work. If she's in the car with someone, then she's covered by AAA and can call them, but she wasn't in the car with Tim. He just came by to hang out with her at work. Yeah, she works hard. Both Kayla and Tim are hanging out with her, I guess. Right when she called, Jeffrey had just left to pick Cory up from band practice, so I told her to call him and see what he said to do, but she shouldn't call AAA because she wasn't in the car.

Jeffrey got home later and wasn't sure what Beth had wanted. He missed her call. It went to voice mail, and he couldn't understand what she said. He called her back and still didn't understand what she was saying. Once I told him what she wanted, he called her back - only to find out that she had called AAA already and someone was on the way. Yeah, she listens well. Hopefully AAA doesn't get upset with her and suspend her or whatever they might do. He car insurance is expensive enough - with the AAA discount and the good student discount, which she better earn and keep.