Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kitten Stuff

There's a kitten on his shoulder
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The kitten has lived with us for a while now and claimed this as her house. She's a crazy little wild child kitty sometimes - jumping on the furniture the best she can. She's not quite able to jump all the way from the floor to the furniture yet, but she's getting better. Sometimes I worry about her claws on my furniture, but she hasn't started clawing it for fun yet. We told Beth she better buy her a scratching post soon, so she can learn to claw that.

We were thinking that we should get the kitty de-clawed, because we had our first cat de-clawed - way back before we even had any kids. When I started looking to see when was the best time to de-claw your kitten, I found all these pages saying how cruel it is and how no one should do it. So now I'm wondering if we should try something different. We didn't have the Internet and all the resources available with the first cat and I honestly didn't think of it as an issue. No one said anything about it being cruel. While researching the whole de-clawing thing, I found these interesting nail covers for the cats claws. They might be worth a try. Beth, of course, wants to get them in orange and blue. Wouldn't that look cute on a little white kitty?

So far little Tillie has been a good kitten. She loves loves loves to play and will sometimes just purr and purr when someone plays with her. Beth is a little irritated with her at times because she was wanting a little snuggle kitten and this one wants to play. When she gets tired and wants to sleep, she curls up under the couch where no one can reach her - at least not very easily - so she's not all that snuggly. I did have her curl up with me once last week and go to sleep. Of course that meant that, even though I was getting ready to go do something else, I had to sit there with her while she slept.

I had to feed the cat a couple times last week because she decided she was hungry after the kids had already left for work. Beth says she did feed her and she just ate all the food. I don't really know about that, but, once this work at the Fair is finished I will expect Beth to take care of her kitten just like she promised. We've kind of enjoyed having the little thing around so it'd be a shame if we had to get rid of her because Beth doesn't live up to her promises. I bet Cory would step in and have her be his kitty. If need be.


  1. My daughter has a cat and she takes pretty good care of it. Luckily it is a cuddly cat, but it keeps having kittens. She talked us into keeping one from the first litter and then another one from the second litter. It had a third litter about 5 weeks ago and there is still 4 kittens in my house that have to find new homes. No way am I letting her keep anymore!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    I'm one that does believe in declawing (and spaying/neutering). I was told around four months is a good age for doing both.

  3. My house cats were declawed when they were just under a year old, because my mom said they had to otherwise we couldn't keep them inside. I never thought about it until lately when i mention it to people and they discuss how cruel the procedure is. I feel terrible now tho, but it did protect our furniture and hands.


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