Friday, August 17, 2007


Cory was supposed to mow the yard the other day. He didn't. His dad was not very happy with him when he got home from work - and he went out and did it himself. The reason Cory couldn't do it by that time was that he had to go to marching band practice. Since he missed last week's practice due to work, he really couldn't miss it this week - though his dad threatened to keep him home to mow. That was Monday. On Tuesday, I told Cory his job was to vacuum the floor. I didn't get much complaining at all. He just did it. I think he realized that when he is asked to do something, that means we want him to do it. Unfortunately, we try to ask the kids nicely when we want them to do something, and they take it as a request and not as us telling them what they must do. We've done some explaining recently about how it is not a request. We just don't want to sound like we are ordering them around - though that would be our right, wouldn't it? I just really want to treat the kids as people - and not slave labor. :D

The yard needed mowed again today. Cory did it. Beth was busy running around with her friend Azaria and then her boyfriend Tim, but she did tell Cory that next time, she will do the whole yard. I just thought I better document that - in case she conveniently forgets when the time comes.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Whenever I ask my teenager to do something she just don't seem to realize that just because I'm asking it doesn't mean that they have an option on whether to do it or not. I'm just trying to be polite by asking instead of telling, but she still has to do it no matter what. lol.


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