Monday, August 27, 2007

Fake Rocks?

Landscaping around here seems to consist of a lot of rocks, because there are a lot of rocks in the soil. I'm sure it has something to do with the glacier going through way back when, but when they dig the foundations for new houses or anything, a lot of rocks get dug up. Of course, they're not really that big, but they look nice around trees or along the edges of driveways. If I wanted my landscaping to be totally different from everyone else's, I'd need a really huge boulder, like my friends had when they lived in Washington state. It really did look nice, but I'm sure it was a pain to put in place, and then, once it was in place, there was certainly no moving it! I think that some fake rocks might be cool, but I wouldn't want a fake boulder that actually looked fake. That's where the Artificial Rocks Factory comes in. They make fake boulders that actually look real, because they're made from detailed molds of real rocks found in nature. And they're hollow, so they can be used to cover things in your yard that you don't want to look at - like cable boxes. I can't think of anything I'd personally like to cover, but I like knowing that's a possibility. Maybe I could just hide things in there? Don't laugh. I could probably move a 50-60 pound fake rock.