Monday, August 06, 2007

StarCraft for PC

I was reading an article in Newsweek about Lego and how, after a certain age, girls aren't really interested any more. The boys? They love it. As I'm reading about this upcoming PC game starcraft 2, I'm thinking the same thing is true. Do the girls really want to play this, or is it just the boys? I know, I shouldn't generalize, but this kind of game looks like something the boys in the house would enjoy, but us girls probably won't even understand it!

The thing that interests me about all the video games my son plays is the way that he can go online and get hints and tips and 'cheats' in order to make it through the game. I keep asking isn't that cheating? The word 'cheats' kind of makes me think so. He doesn't seem to think it's cheating, just help to get through the game and reach levels and do things he wouldn't get to for a long time without help. Over at CreepColony, they have the same thing for the StarCraft game. What I can't find over there is what I need to know as a mom. What is this game rated? Is it something my 15-year-old son should be playing?