Friday, January 11, 2008

Good Morning, Sunshine

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Ahh, coffee. I'm so thankful for coffee.

I should have gone to bed earlier last night, but Jeffrey wasn't home, so I didn't. I just have a very hard time going to bed when he's not there. Now today I'm paying for it because I'm so very tired.

Cory and I worked concessions at the basketball game last night. It's a fund raiser for Band Boosters, and the band students who work get credit in their trip account. There's no high school band trip this year (last year they went to Boston) but there will most likely be one next year. That means Cory needs to raise some funds so he will be able to go. Working concessions was actually pretty fun. We worked with one of Cory's friends and his mom and did quite a brisk business - selling candy, soda, Gator-ade, popcorn, and hot dogs. The Band Boosters had some hot dogs left over from the Bazaar, so I thawed them out and cooked them all on the George Foreman grill so they would taste better. They're turkey dogs, so some of the kids had complained that they didn't taste very good. We figured grilling them up ought to help that!

We ended up selling 31 hot dogs, and Cory ate the one that was left in the roaster because I didn't want to have to pack it up. We still have 41 left, so I threw those back in the freezer so they can be used the next time Band Boosters do concessions. I also have a whole lot of buns - more buns than dogs, but I didn't know how many hot dogs we had when I went out and bought them. Those are all in the freezer, too.

I posted the rest of these sunrise pics to my picture blog, if you'd like to see them. I really need to upload some pictures to Flickr. I used to do it more regularly, but then I started blogging more. I just can't keep up with everything I want to do!

Oh, and if anyone read my blog before I changed to this template - that's the original picture I used for the top of the blog. Remember?


  1. I had a hard time sleeping last night too, but for the opposite reason. My hubby works nights, but last night he was off and I am so used to having the bed to just myself that I have a had time sharing it with anyone now. I'm a bed hog. LOL

  2. Go take a nap. They say napping is very good for you it gives your heart a break. I remember that picture from your old template. It was a wonderful shot.

  3. It sounds like quite a few people in the world of blogging had trouble sleeping last night. I hope you get up on your sleep. There is nothing worse then feeling tired...

    I love the picture of the sunrise. How beautiful! It reminds me of the sunrise pictures I took last summer camping on the beach.

    have a great weekend


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