Friday, August 31, 2007

Cedar Ridge Farm

My brother Darryl and his family - and my parents - live on 57 acres in Kentucky. I wish they lived closer. We might get to see them more often. However, they love it down there, so I'm happy for them.

One of Darryl's major projects on his farm in Kentucky, is building a house for his family. He is detailing the entire process on his blog - Cedar Ridge Farm. Mom told me about this blog a while back, but all the detail of tools and how to cut a dovetail tenon (whatever that means) and other stuff like that, just wasn't something I was extremely interested in. I mean, he uses words I don't understand. Now, when some of his kids slip into the pictures, then I'm interested. Also, I will enjoy seeing the pictures as the house actually goes up. He has set the raising day for September 2, so those pictures should be coming soon.

I'm thinking Fred will enjoy reading this, because he will understand exactly what is going on, so I wanted to make sure you knew about it. I also wanted to keep track of it myself, since I keep forgetting to go back and see how things are coming along.

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  1. There'll be some photos (probably a lot of them) of the raising on my blog early next week. We're praying that all goes well (definitely don't want anyone helping to get hurt). I also hope to have a time-lapse video of the process to post.

    I'll have to be sure some photos of my younguns make it onto my blog, too. They are cute!


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