Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Ring for Beth

Beth got a new ring today. Her freshman year, when it was time for her class to order class rings, she decided that she didn't really want one. Considering how she 'hates' school, that was probably a good decision. Why would we want to spend that much money on something that wouldn't mean anything to her anyway? So, her dad said that he would buy her another ring instead, if she could find something she liked. Of course, she wanted a sapphire ring because her birthday is in September, and that's her birthstone. We looked at several different jewelry stores, but she never found anything that she really liked. We had pretty much given up, but a few weeks ago when Jeffrey and I were at the mall, I found one I thought she might like. I liked it, anyway.

So, this past weekend we were at the mall. She was with us this time, so we had her look. No. She didn't like it. We then walked past a jewelry store, where she had seen one she thought she liked last winter. She looked at that one. She kind of liked it, but then she saw another one that hadn't been there before. This one she liked. She finally made up her mind. So, that's the one she got. Jeffrey had to go back after work tonight to pick it up since it had to be sized. She ended up needing a 4-3/4. Did you know that was even a size? I didn't realize her fingers were so small. I wear a 6.

It's a really pretty ring. I went to the jewelry store website to try to find a picture, but they didn't have it on there. Otherwise I'd show you.

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