Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ring Sizing

Beth woke up this morning and said her ring was too tight. The guy at the jewelry store didn't take into account the fact that we were in a very air conditioned, very cold mall. So, any time she's somewhere that's a normal temperature, the ring will be too tight? I hope not, but we do have the 3 year protection plan. That's supposed to include one free re-sizing. I don't think that includes the first sizing. We'll just have to see how the ring's going to fit. My fingers are usually kind of swollen first thing in the morning, so maybe that's all it is and she'll just have to take the ring off before bed. Better not to have it so loose that it flies off when your fingers are cold. That happened with my wedding ring once. I gestured with my hand, the ring went flying, and we looked and looked before finally finding it. I was at work at Kohl's - in the air conditioning. I didn't fling my hand around so wildly after that.

I also lost a thumb ring once. I bought it at the fair, when my hands were hot and kind of swollen. I didn't think about that, just bought the ring to fit. Afterwards it was always kind of loose, but I was usually aware of it in some part of my mind so it didn't slip off. Until one day I was helping Jeffrey out in the yard. Somewhere along the line, somewhere in the yard probably, it slipped off, never to be seen again.

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  1. My husband lost his wedding ring when he was shoveling snow out of the drive way once. After a couple of days looking for it we just bought a new band and what do you know, the very next day I found it the snow.


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