Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy Day

Today was a busy day. Besides searching for doggy gifts and attending Maggie's birthday party, I had to go out and buy some groceries. I also got my hair cut. It had been a while but I kept putting it off because I just didn't know what to do with it. I still didn't know what to do with it, but I went anyway and told her to just trim it and shape it. It feels a lot better now. Maybe I'll even take some pictures. No promises, though.

After the haircut I went to Walmart and bought lots of stuff. I got a great deal on hamburger, which I was planning to buy anyway. I usually end up buying the 5 pound roll of ground beef because it's the cheapest, but they had 3 pound rolls of ground chuck marked down because it had to be sold by tomorrow. They were $3.25 each, that's a little over $1 per pound. Now tomorrow I need to get it all packaged up and put into the freezer.

After Walmart, I headed to Walgreens and bought a few things. Remember the Naked Naturals shampoo sample I just tried? They had it on sale buy 1 / get 1 free - plus I had a coupon that came with my samples - so I bought some of that. I really liked the kind they sent me, and it was for color treated hair, which is good, but they were out of everything but the citrus. So I bought that. It smells absolutely amazing! Then I went to Pick 'n Save, grabbed some more groceries and headed home. It was a little frustrating at Pick 'n Save because I had some coupons I had printed from to try some free bags of their chips (crisps?) plus they were on sale, and I was supposed to get a register coupon for $4 if I bought 3 bags. I looked everywhere for them but couldn't find them. When I checked out I asked if they really had them, so the cashier called and found out that they were out of them. I guess I should have asked first and saved myself some time. I got a raincheck so I can get them in the next couple of weeks.

When I got home I had to get everything carried in - Cory helped me. Then, while I was getting things put away, I had to get dinner ready. While I was doing that, Jeffrey came home, saw I had been shopping and asked me what I got him. I said, "nectarines, since I got oranges and grapefruits for everyone else, and you don't like those." He was really hoping I bought some bodystockings or something exciting like that. Does Walmart even carry those? Besides, I went for groceries.

Dinner was yummy chicken sandwiches. Then I had to wash dishes. Cory was really supposed to do them, but he was busy practicing his saxophone, and since Solo/Ensemble is this weekend, he really should be practicing. I'll have to make him do them some other time to make up for it. While I was in the kitchen I should have made Jeffrey's lunch for tomorrow, but I didn't think about it, so now I have to get up off the couch and go do that.

I'm really glad it's almost bedtime.


  1. Oh don't remind me that I need to shop lol it's the most tedious process in this house

  2. It was a great party - thanks for everything you did!


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