Friday, February 01, 2008

Driving Tip of the Day

If you are waiting to pull out into traffic, and the car coming toward you has a turn signal on, you still do not pull out until you know for sure that car is going to turn and exactly where that car is going to turn.

Jeffrey ran into a woman who didn't know this today. He was turning. There are two driveways right there together. He was going to turn into the 2nd one. This woman assumed he was going to turn into the 1st one, so she pulled out in front of him. He tried to stop but still ran into the side of her car. He doesn't think it damaged his car any, but he's going to have it checked next week, and he's OK - that's the important part. The side of her car was smashed in, but she wasn't hurt either.

The police didn't give her a ticket - just declared it 'no fault'. I have a hard time understanding how it can't be her fault since she pulled out in front of him. It's also frustrating because it's his new car - the only brand new car we've ever bought. We've had it for less than 6 months!


  1. That is so frustrating...grrr! I am glad that everyone is ok and hopefully everything is fine with your car :0)
    take care

    I have an award for you Anna on my Jabber Jaws Blog!

  2. yoru lucky they didnt say it was HIS fault,, he hit her in some states that is what they do the hitter no matter what is to blame... hope it isn't too bad

  3. I'm sorry about this unfortunate incident but I'm glad that Jeffrey is fine and no one got hurt.


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