Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No One's Playing

I noticed that no one is playing my Movie Game. Did you miss it, or do you just not like movies? Just click to read the rules.

So far Deb is the only one who has answered, and she's left us with Kristin Scott Thomas. We need someone to give us a movie that Kristin Scott Thomas was in. Or just leave me a comment and tell me you hate movies and you hate games, or you just don't have time for silly time wasters. I'll just run over to Facebook and see if it's my turn on Scrabulous. One of these days I might even win.

Oh, and speaking of Deb - she's recently moved her blog over to Wordpress, so things look a little different over there. Also, she's written a really great series of posts on RSS and Feedburner that you might be interested in. You can view them on my Shared Items on Google Reader. I never shared anything before, but these are definitely worth a read. I'm thinking of adding a permanent link to my sidebar - something like "What My Friends Say" or something like that, so I can share the posts I really like. My friends have some really great things to say.


  1. Hopefully someone will join in!

    Thanks for you very kind words and the link... :)

  2. Me! I could play this game all day long. Sorry I missed it, but I'm playing now!

  3. I LOVE movies, but I'm absolutely horrible with knowing the actors/actresses real names. That's the honest truth of why I haven't played.


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