Monday, February 25, 2008

Give Me 5 Monday - Favorite Things in Your Favorite Season

The topic of today's list is - Give Me Five favorite things to do in your favorite season of the year.

I don't really have a favorite season because I tend to like them all. By the time I get to the end of one, I'm ready for the next, so I'm going to follow BeccA's lead and choose spring. I'm about done with winter - of course it's not leaving any time soon, and we're supposed to get more snow tonight. I can still start planning for Spring, can't I?
  1. I like going for my morning walks when Spring comes, because the sun rises sooner in the day, and I don't have to walk in the dark. Also, I like listening to the birds singing as they welcome the morning.
  2. I like taking pictures of new flowers and all the signs of Spring. Yellow
  3. I like being able to open up the house on warm days and let the breeze blow through.
  4. I like being able to go outside in shirtsleeves and sometimes even in bare feet, not having to wear a jacket, and sitting in the sun.
  5. I love watching the storms roll in.
    • Sometimes it snows:
      Snow in April
    • and sometimes we have dramatically stormy skies and a good old thunderstorm:
      Stormy Skies

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  1. Great, I also love to have the windows open. Well, I did before the mexican cafe opened up downstairs from my apartment. Now all I can smell when they are open is burnt tacos LOL
    You are a woman after my own heart, I love a good storm as well.

  2. I like opening the windows too! Great list!

  3. I find it ironic that I used many of the same five things as you, but mine was for Summer ;-)

    I'm longing for Spring to get here too - can't wait for the flowers!

  4. I am so ready for Spring!!! It's not my favorite season, but it's my second favorite. :)

  5. I cannot wait until we can open the windows wide. They will stay that way oh.. for a couple weeks, then we shut them and turn on the a/c cuz we're wimps. :)

    I love watching storms, too.

  6. I like your liking all the seasons. That is a great thing. You probably don't get depressed in the winter then. Hope not. I love all your spring points and we are due for some nice weather nearer the end of this week. Supposed to be around the mid 70°. I'm so ready for that. Have a great GM5. :)

  7. I love stormy skies too...right before or after an unusual storm and the way the different kinds of clouds mesh together.


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