Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Glad We Live in a Small Town

The other morning Jeffrey walked out the door while I was still getting ready. I hate that - he can get up after me and still be ready to go for our walk before I am, but that's another story. He had barely walked out the door, when he walked back in and tossed Beth's car keys into the house. Yes, she had come home from work the night before, dropped her keys on the driveway outside her car, and left them there overnight. Real good. It's a good thing we live in a very small town so we don't have to worry about criminals roaming the neighborhood looking for an easy house to break into (her house key was on there too) or a car to steal. She certainly was trying to make it easy for them, wasn't she?

I'm also glad that we live in a small town, so that I can walk by myself in the mornings without worrying about carrying some kind of self defense products, just in case. Of course, I used to take the dog, when we had one, and now I have my husband to protect me. Still, in today's society, with all the bad things you hear about all the time, it might not hurt to look into getting some pepper spray or some kind of self defense alarm, and be prepared to use them. With the dropping the keys on the ground and not even being aware of it, I think Beth needs some kind of awareness training or at least some self-defense tips. She's a teenager. She doesn't believe anything bad will happen to her. I think the best thing is to be aware that bad things can happen and have some kind of plan for what you would do if it does.


  1. I too live in a small town and I think kids take it for granted that every place they go to visit will be as safe as our home. When my two older girls went away (one to NY City and the other to London), they did okay and I was suprised at how much they could fend for themselves. But the were really glad to get back to their small hometown.

  2. I feel the same way about small town living. I was born in and lived in the city for almost 4 decades before moving to the country, and I am so glad I did. I completely agree with your last sentence.

  3. I'm glad I live in a small town too. I feel a lot safer where I live than in a big city where I would be worried that if I forgot to lock my door someone would break in.

  4. THEY ARE SOOOOO NOT AWARE OF THE WORLD AROUND THEM Mine too it can crive a mom batty

  5. I don't think I could handle living in a big city...I love it here where I live. Small, quiet and I already seem to know everyone! It's a great place to raise children

    enjoy your Monday

  6. I remember a time when I didn't think twice about leaving my door unlocked. Then I became a mom, and I ALWAYS lock the door, even though I live in a small town. You just never know.


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