Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let LifeLock Protect Your Identity

Would you put your social security number on your website for the whole world to see? Me either, but the CEO of life lock has his plastered right on the front page, and on the side of a truck in their commercial. That's how confident he is that his identity is safe and protected. LifeLock is the most advanced Identity Theft protection available, and they guarantee that protection up to one million dollars.

I've seen shows about identity theft, and how having your identity stolen can ruin your life. Without help from LifeLock, it can be practically impossible to restore your credit or even convince creditors that you did not rack up all that debt. With LifeLock, if identity theft does occur, they help you get your good name back, but first they do everything possible to ensure identity theft does not happen in the first place.

I have been lucky a few times in the past when someone somehow got a hold of one of my credit card numbers - 3 different cards 3 different times. Each time the bank or credit card company noticed unusual charges and called us. Once someone was using my Visa debit card number in Italy! The bank could not contact us so they froze the account, and they did not hold us responsible for the two charges that went through. I feel that the bank and credit card companies are looking out for me when it comes to that kind of stuff, but there's more to identity theft, and LifeLock takes care of that.

They request fraud alerts with all the major credit bureaus, so that if anyone tries to open a new card or line of credit in your name, creditors must verify your identity. If they cannot verify that you are the person applying for credit, then no credit is issued. LifeLock also requests your credit reports from all the major credit bureaus, stops those pre-approved credit offers that clog your mailbox, and they keep everything current so you don't have to remember to do it. As I read all the things they do, I realize I'm not as safe as I want to believe. I also didn't realize that kids are having their identities stolen by the thousands, and they don't find out about it until they graduate high school and apply for a student loan or a job. LifeLock protects them, too.

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