Thursday, February 07, 2008

Time to Start Thinking About the Garden?

With all the snow and cold weather, I really haven't thought about gardening. Seriously, you can hardly even tell I have gardens out there - except for the old tomato cages that I didn't remove in the Fall. Mostly, when it comes to gardening, I plant some seeds, hope they come up, pull weeds occasionally, and hope I get some good vegetables. I really don't know anything about hydroponics, but it sounds interesting. It's a whole system of gardening that is supposed to save work, provide higher yields, and eliminate the need for pesticides. I know I hate when the bugs eat my beans, but I really do not want to use any kinds of pesticides on them. I also don't particularly like pulling weeds, so if I can avoid that, I'm interested. Cory used to like helping me with the gardening, but then he got older and lost interest. I guess he didn't like pulling weeds, either.

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  1. Never to early to start thinking about planting for the spring.

  2. I miss having a garden...

    Rockin' With Frigga is up! :-)

  3. We had thought of trying hydroponics for tomatoes this year in our solarium. Maybe green peppers too. I have had very poor results gardening here. It has not been warm enough even in the summer.


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