Monday, February 18, 2008

She Promised to Take Care of this Cat

Beth was mad at the cat this morning - because she peed on her pants. Well, she couldn't get to the litter box, and Beth did not wake up and let her out. The last time she peed on something overnight, Beth started leaving her door open at night so Tillie could get to the litter box if she needed to. Somewhere along the line she stopped doing that - because Tillie leaves her, and she doesn't like that. I'd certainly rather have the cat leave me and sleep somewhere else than have her pee on my clothes!

I went into the bathroom to collect the peed on pants and the rest of the kids' laundry this morning and realized the litter box really really really needs cleaned out. Even if Tillie had been able to get there I wondered if maybe she wouldn't prefer a nice almost clean pair of pants to that stinking litter box. Then I came in from shoveling the driveway this afternoon to find out that must be true. Tillie left me a 'present' - on my bed.

It's a good thing I like that little face. It's also a good thing that I had the sheets all stripped off so she went on the mattress pad and not the comforter, and she didn't pee, too. So, I got a plastic bag, gathered up Tillie's little present, and put it in on Beth's bed. See how she likes it. Then I stripped the mattress pad off and threw that in the laundry, too.

Beth promised that she would be responsible for this cat, take care of the litter, feed her, etc. She does it, but usually only if someone reminds her. Do you think a bag of cat poop on her bed is a good enough reminder?


  1. We had many animals over the years which were meant to be the boys responsibility but it seems to end up as mine because I could not see the animal being neglected before I could ream whichever child it was out. Poop on the bed might work. Grounding for a significant period might sink in better.

  2. Over the years my kids wanted one pet after the other, I only gave in on a hamster as I knew they wouldn't stick to the work required. As it was I always cleaned the cage out..

    I'd love to hear how Beth reacted!


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