Monday, February 18, 2008

I Should be Working on Laundry

I'm sitting here watching Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann and dropping Entrecards. I really should go make my bed now that the mattress pad and sheets are out of the dryer, but I just can't get my butt off the couch. I do need to get the bed made, though, because I need to fold the laundry, and the bed is the perfect height and a nice surface for folding clothes. Actually, I need to fold my laundry and Jeffrey's laundry and pile Beth's laundry in one pile and Cory's laundry in another pile so that they can fold their own clothes - or toss them on the floor in big wrinkly mess, as the case may be.

Has anyone else watched Dance War? I've enjoyed it, though I haven't taken the time to vote. I like Carrie Ann's team best, so I hope they win. I'm also looking forward to the announcement of the stars for the next Dancing with the Stars. I hope there are some good ones.