Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Inner Health and Outer Beauty Go Together

I was just thinking this morning how I used to color my hair because I wanted it to be a different color. Now I color it because I don't want to see how much of it is going to come in gray silver. It's the same with skin care. Not that I wanted my face to be a different color, but I try to use moisturizer regularly because I don't want to see any wrinkles. If I do see any, I'm going to blame them on my kids, of course, and not on the fact that I'm probably not using the right formula or Clarifying line. I usually buy whatever I can get the best price on and hopefully doesn't have a fragrance. Why do they have to add fragrance to everything? I buy one brand of skin cleanser and another brand of moisturizer, and I hope they work together and do what I want them to do.

I should pay more attention to my skin care regimen. For instance, Borba skin care teams up what they call Nutraceuticals, specially formulated vitamin and anti-oxidant supplements in naturally flavored drinks, and their Cosmeceuticals, anti-oxidant rich topical skin care. Your skin is nourished from the inside and taken care of on the outside. These products are made to work together. Besides the products, there are several skin care and beauty tip articles that could be helpful. There's even an article here saying that skin care is not just for women. Yes, I knew that, but try and convince my husband. He's currently trying to cover his face by growing a beard. Still, a little moisturizer couldn't hurt. Maybe we could share?

As far as savings and finding the best price goes, right now if you spend $100 or more you can get a $25 free gift; see details here:

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  1. I use Ivory soap and the after I dry my face I use EB5 cream which its been tested to smooth out wrinkles. You can buy it at JC penny's for 45 dollars. Thanks for the 50 credits...*smile*


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