Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cold Weather Exercise

We have a new exercise room in our basement. That's what we're calling it, anyway. We have a partially finished room in the basement that we used to call the play room. The kids never really ended up playing in there. It was more of a room to store toss the toys they didn't want to keep in their rooms, and somehow their rooms still stayed messy. Recently Jeffrey has gotten the kids in there to clean out their toys and stuff, decide what they want to keep and what they want to get rid of, and the room has been all cleaned out. Then, he moved in the exercise machine he got from a friend at work (free - but maybe missing a part, which is not good), and an entire entertainment center containing a TV, VCR, stereo and DVD player - for exercise videos, of course.

The best part is that he really is going down there and exercising. In fact, he just finished and came upstairs a few minutes ago. Now he's telling me that he probably won't go walking with me in the morning, not because he already exercised, but because it's going to be too cold. I'm waiting for the news to see how cold it's supposed to be by morning. My computer says it's -8° right now, but I have no idea what the wind chill might be. If it's 20° below or colder, with the wind chill, then I'm not walking either. I might just have to check out the stair stepper part of that exercise machine.

I'm sure Jeffrey is waiting for warmer weather to come along so he can get his exercise out on the golf course walking and lugging an Ogio golf bag full of golf clubs. Somebody tell him exercise should be free, or at least cheaper than playing golf.


  1. oh man a basement my next house when I get bakck home will have one. you don't have them out here,,, you will dig up dead indians hehe


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