Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Won!

I'm talking about Elizabeth again today. She ran a contest on her blog MomCooks, giving away 3 10-year memberships to I entered and I won! A 1-year membership usually costs $31, so it's an amazing prize.

I love cooking, but sometimes I have a hard time deciding what to cook. This site will help me with meal plans, and it looks like there are lots of recipes in all kinds of categories. One thing I already like is the recipe finder, where you can select an ingredient and type of recipe to get a recipe for the ingredients you have on hand. For instance, I selected ground beef (for all that hamburger I have now) and crockpot recipes and came up with a couple recipes that sound really good.

I'm very excited about winning this! 10 years - recipes, meal plans, shopping lists. This is just my thing. Thank you,!

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