Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get Vacation Ideas and Discounts

I went to college in Pasadena, CA, so I thought I knew a few of the things to do in Los Angeles. So, when Jeffrey and I went there the year after we got married, I wanted to show him some of the places I liked. We drove to the beach. We went and walked on Hollywood Blvd. We drove up into the mountains to look at the city lights (very romantic). Of course, that was before kids, so everything was pretty romantic - we'd only been married a little over a year.

When I was in college, I didn't have a car - not that I would have wanted to drive in Los Angeles. I had to rely on friends or the bus to get anywhere, so I didn't know about all the places to go and things to see. We did OK, but we really could have used something like Trusted Tours & Attractions to give us some ideas and to get us some good deals on things like Universal Studios or the Hollywood Wax Museum. I'm still kicking myself that I knew about the stars on Hollywood Blvd., but I didn't know about the hand prints and foot prints at the Chinese Theater. We were right there.

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