Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Job That Doesn't End

So far I've shoveled the driveway twice today. Yes, that picture in the previous post led you to believe that my teenage son is shoveling the driveway today. Believe me - he will be. It is snowing hard, and it is snowing a lot. Jeffrey and I got up and shoveled this morning. By the time we had finished, the driveway was already covered in snow again. I just finished shoveling again. There's no school today, and the kids were still in bed, but next time it's their turn.

Now, normally I like to wait until the snow stops falling before shoveling, because it seems like such a waste of time otherwise. However, this is a wet, heavy snow, and if we don't keep it shoveled, it will be next to impossible to do. I have a hard enough time lifting the shovel by the time I get to the edge of the driveway, and it gets even harder the higher those piles on the sides get!

So, while I was shoveling, I started thinking of this song:

My kids used to love singing this song when they were little. It can get kind of irritating, but it's cute, and it was so much fun to watch them get such a kick out of it.


  1. Love it...My kids have started singing that song lately and believe me it doesn't end LOL. Wow all the shoveling :0( We got some snow last night but not enought to close down the schools for the day...the next couple of weeks is calling for snow and a big one expected towards the end of the month. See what happens then

    Take it easy on your back and I hope the song that doesn't end ends soon for you!

    bye for now


  2. Love this song! I hadn't heard it in years! Thanks for sharing it. I'm going to have to sing it to my kids all day today! LOL!


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