Friday, February 22, 2008

Should I Buy Chinese Products?

My cousin called this morning. It really surprised me because we were talking on Yahoo Messenger when the phone rang. The caller ID gave his new wife's name, and I didn't recognize it. He said he's got VOIP now, and he can talk better than he can type, so he just picked up the phone. It was nice talking to him. It's been a while.

Of course, since I was on the phone, I didn't get much done, but I suppose that's OK. I just need to get busy now. I've got cooking to do and some vacuuming, and basic straightening up. Since the kids are home (teachers' convention), I need to get them to take everything that belongs to them and put it in their own rooms. There's no reason their stuff needs to clutter up the living room, too. What they do in their own rooms, well, I'd like it if they kept them neat, but I've pretty much given up. They may never be neat until the kids move out.

I haven't accomplished much yet, but at least I've been searching cookbooks for recipes. That's got to count for something! I grabbed an opp on PPP, so I was thinking I should get that posted, but it's for a site to buy stuff from China. The prices look good, but I'm not sure I can be positive about buying things from China. That being said, I don't check the stuff I buy in the stores to see where it's made, and I don't refuse to buy things from China. So, I'm still deciding whether I want to write that post. I'm sure it's more politically correct to write about something American like Price Pfister or Harley Davidson.

How do you feel about buying Chinese products? Is getting a good price more important than where it comes from? You know how much I like to save money, so I'm really not sure where I stand on this.