Friday, February 22, 2008

Direct to You From China

Whenever we need want something, my first thought is to check online to see where we can get it for the best price. Other times we don't really want anything. OK, that's not true. Somebody in this house is always wanting something. I'm the one who is constantly reminding them that they do not need anything. But, whether we need it or not, it's still fun to look. I was browsing this China Wholesale site, today. The first thing that caught my eye was what they call a Vii. It's a Wii clone designed for children. Maybe that means the games are easier? I am not so good at video games, so maybe this would be the one for me? The thing that caught my eye is that they are selling this for $99 with free shipping. That is considerable cheaper than the Wii, and it looks like they have these in stock, unlike the Wii which is extremely hard to get a hold of,

I was also browsing through some MP3 players because Cory's iPod had been acting up. We think it's the battery because it just won't hold a charge. The question is, it is worth buying a new battery, or should we just get him a new MP3 player? He's decided he wants the 80GB Zune, but his dad isn't ready to buy it for him until his birthday in July. So, I was looking here to see if there was something that would get him through until then, that wouldn't cost much more than an iPod battery. Then I'd just adopt it when Cory gets the Zune.

Besides video games and electronics, carries clothing, jewelry, cell phones, toys, and more. They offer wholesale prices and fast shipping, and promise great customer service. If there's something you need want, and you like to save money, you might want to check this site out.

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