Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Good Student Discount

We got the kids' report cards this week. The good news is it's going to be okay - Beth got her B average so she really does qualify for that Good Student Discount on her car insurance. Of course, she's mostly excited that she won't have to pay for her own insurance. That was the deal. As long as she maintains the B average, we'll pay for her insurance. She got her license in March but her grades were not good enough that semester, so, when the insurance came due, she had to pay. Since she got the required grades this semester, she won't have to pay next time the insurance comes due. Maybe that will be enough incentive for her to maintain that B average.

There's really no excuse for not getting good grades. The girl is smart. It just depends on whether she likes the subject and whether she has to put forth any effort. She loves math, can solve linear equations and understand inverse operations with her eyes closed, but give her a subject that requires a little effort, and she doesn't do so well. It's frustrating to watch, because I know she could do it if she'd just try. We've been hoping being able to drive and not having to pay for insurance would be enough of an incentive.


  1. Poor Fawn has to pay $215.00 a month for hers

  2. I hope my kids qualify for that kind of discount when they start driving. Otherwise, they may never drive!!

  3. What a relief. I think it is a good system. it will encourage all students to do well. :)

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  4. Hey Anna - I just wanted to drop by to inform you that you have a very, very special award waiting for you over at - I think you'll really like it!

  5. Congrats to Beth!!!! Math can be really hard.


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