Friday, February 15, 2008

Rank That Really Means Something

If you've been anywhere in the blogosphere recently, I'm sure you've read plenty of posts about the big G and dropping PageRank. I've written a few of them myself. It's easy to get frustrated when you see your pretty PR 4 drop to a big fat ZERO overnight. Nothing changed - people are still visiting, and the blog is still being read, but somebody decided you didn't deserve that PR. Real fair, huh?

IZEA recently launched, a tool to rank bloggers based on real traffic and influence and not somebody's arbitrary idea of what should and should not be allowed on a blog. After all, it's your blog and you should be able to do what you want with it, right? IZEARanks uses a small piece of javascript that you insert into your code to collect a report on actual traffic to your blog. You can choose to display your actual visitors and pageviews, or just your RealRank. I've chosen to let people see my visitors and pageviews along with my RealRank:

Now, you're thinking that's nice, but what do those numbers mean? You really don't know how your blog ranks with other blogs just by looking at your own numbers, but you can compare your blog with up to 10 other blogs, and will show you. I compared my blog with three other ones, though I'm not telling you which ones, and here's how I rank for the last week:

I would have added a few more blogs into the mix, but they weren't in the system yet. To get a really clear picture, we need as many blogs as possible to sign up with IZEARanks. It's really simple to sign up, then add the code they give you to your blog's code, and you're ready to start tracking your RealRank. Note that this code is not the same code that is used by PayPerPost - just in case you were worrying that adding this code would bring down the wrath of the big G on you. Another reason to sign up now? If you think your blog has what it takes, you could win $1000. That's right, each week in February IZEA is giving away $1000 to the blog with the #1 RealRank (see the site for official rules). I obviously don't have a chance to win the $1000, but your blog might. There's only one way to find out. Sign up for IZEARanks now.


  1. How did you get your rank graphic? I would love to see mine.

  2. Are you registered on IZEARanks? I found you using your old url, but it says your site is not in the database.

    Once you're registered, you can click on your blog and see your RealRank and a chart showing your trend. I just used a screen capture program to grab mine.

  3. I need to figure out this real rank thing...
    I am tagging you with a meme on my rantings blog.

    have a great weekend Anna

  4. Thanks for the nice birthday wish on my blog. That was awfully nice of you.


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