Monday, February 25, 2008

Heads or Tails - Wonder or Wander

Today it's HEADS - Wonder *or* TAILS - Wander

As I was folding laundry wondering what I should do this week, my mind began to wander. That's when I heard a commercial, advertising a new show, I think. I don't know what the show is. It was the question that caught my attention - "How many times a week is the right number of times to have sex?" So, I started to wonder - how many times is the right number?

Summerfest 2007 - REO SpeedwagonI didn't figure that out before my mind wandered on. Jeffrey and I are going to see REO Speedwagon in concert next month at the Crystal Grand. We usually see them at Summerfest, where we get in free for donating canned goods, but this time he actually paid for tickets. I'm sure it will be fun. I just wonder what I should wear, and I wonder if you'd like to see the rest of my REO pictures from Summerfest? I also wonder if the kids will behave themselves while we are gone.

Then I wandered into the kitchen to make Jeffrey a sandwich for lunch. I wondered whether I should give him smoked turkey or turkey ham. I went with the smoked turkey. Then I pulled a pickle out of the jar for myself, sliced some cheese, and wondered if you'd think I was crazy because I like dill pickles and cheese together. Oh, and dill pickles and peanut butter, too. (I could've included that last week!)

Also, I wonder how people put some of these videos on YouTube. I have this REO XM Radio DVD, but I have no idea how they got the songs from the DVD onto YouTube. I guess I really don't need to, since someone has already done it, do I?

Speaking of YouTube, Cory and I were comparing Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night and See You Again by Miley Cyrus. He says they sound alike, but I can't really tell because I'm so not musical. I wonder, does anyone else hear it? Oh, never mind - there are several videos there with people saying the exact same thing Cory says. I wonder - did anyone, besides me, ever wear their sunglasses at night because of that Corey Hart song?

Now I know you're all wondering when I'm just going to shut up and send you over to Skittles' Place so you can check out other Heads or Tails Participants. How about now?


  1. Now I'm going to have "I wear my sunglasses at night" in my head all night! LOL!

  2. This was a fun post Anna - you had me smiling the whole way through it. I LOVE dill pickles and cheese!!! Never had them with peanut butter though.

    I for one would love to see your REO Speedwagon photos!

  3. ahaha wondering gets me in trouble hope your week is starting out nice I have some health news stop by and let me know if you know of amyone with it.

  4. I'm jealous you are going to REO! NO FAIR! Have fun!

  5. Are you kiddin' me?!!!! You get to go to their concert? Oh, color me so jealous.

    My HoT entry is posted; hope you can stop by.

  6. This was nice to read.

    My "heads or tails" is up ::here::

  7. Now I wonder how many times is the right number. Gee.. I hope it's only once a month, if he's been good. LOL!!!

    REO is great. I was surprised to see how much they'd aged.. but I guess I shouldn't be since the last video I saw from them was "Can't Fight This Feeling." I bet they'd say I'd aged a bit, too. :)

    I like PB and pickle sandwiches.

  8. Wow, that was random!

    I loved that song by Corey Hart when I was in high school - sang along to it on the radio all of the time. :)

  9. LOL! Great post! Very amusing!I like dill pickles and cheese, but I don't know about dill pickles and peanut butter...

  10. Lots of fun here. You are one busy lady, too! My HoT is here. Thank you.

  11. You do a lot of wondering and wandering. hehehe!

  12. I like bread and butter pickles with peanut butter!


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