Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things Were Jumping into My Cart

After the eye doctor, the kids and I went shopping. I was right about buying more things than I actually needed because I had them with me. Beth was grabbing things off the shelves and throwing them into the cart - mandarin oranges, ravioli (ravaloni), cans of biscuits, some instant ramen noodle stuff to take to work, waffles, fudge bars, and I don't know what else. It sounds like she's really going to eat well, huh? Oh, and 6 boxes of macaroni and cheese. At least she won't waste away to nothing. And if she dares to complain there's nothing to eat, I'm just going to have to strangle her.

After ALDI, we ate lunch at Culver's and then went to Walgreens for milk and other sale items. We ended up with makeup, cold medicine, toothpaste, mouthwash, Twizzlers, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and who knows what else. Seriously, I think we bought everything but bodybuilding supplements. I don't usually get that much stuff at Walgreens, but they had a lot of things on sale buy one get one free, and they were things we needed anyway. Well, maybe not needed right this second, but needed soon. The makeup was an especially good deal, since it was buy one get one free, and I had printed some of those online coupons I was talking about, so it ended up being almost free. I actually counted the coupons out wrong and could have used one more, and then I think all the makeup - foundation, cover-up, blush, powder, mascara, etc. - would have cost us less than $1. Deal! I'll also get some money back because a couple items are free after rebate. I really can't resist those free after rebate things, whether I need them or not, especially if I have a coupon, too - because then they pay me to buy the product.

I've noticed that when all those things jump into my cart, my job isn't over when I get them home. Everything still has to be put away. How am I supposed to get my blogging done?

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  1. It always cost me double when I had the kids with me in the supermarket! lol


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