Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Couple Awards From Jaye

Jaye @ Just a Mom has given me these two awards:

The first one is the You Make My Day Award.

The second is the
Art Prize and Award

"This prize has arisen from the daily visits that I dedicate to many blogs which nourish me and enrich me with creativity. In them I see dedication, creativity, care, comradeship, but mainly, ART, much art. I want to share this prize with all those bloggers that entertain me day to day and to share this prize with those who enrich me every day. Doubtlessly, there are many and it will be hard to pick just a few, the people I will name today deserve this prize, as do the very long serious list of bloggers I also enjoy to read, but I will name the first 10 and will leave the rest of the work to all the bloggers that visit other's blogs and are nourished by them."
The rules of passing on this award are as follows:

- post award in your own blog: [Post who gave it to you]
- indicate its origin and a link to the site: [Arte Y Pico from Uruguay]
- give it to 5 blogs that you enjoy. [That are creative and inspire you]

I'd like to pass this on to:
  1. Lady Banana
  2. Bridget
  3. Jenn
  4. Misty
  5. Carrie
You ladies all inspire me for all kinds of reasons. Thank you so much, Jaye! You make my day too, and you are so incredibly creative. I love your quilts!


  1. Congratulations on the awards! You definitely deserve them for being such a great friend to all of us.

  2. Thanks Anna, I'll try to get em posted at the weekend :)

  3. Thank you so much for this Anna, and I'm sorry I'm so late at telling you thank you (It's been a rough couple of days). Again, thank you - your friendship means the world to me.


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