Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coffee from Senseo

I recently read this post on MomReviews, started lusting after Elizabeth's gorgeous cup of coffee, and followed the link to see if I could get my own Senseo coffee machine. Guess what? I got an email yesterday telling me that they are going to send me the coffee machine, along with a bag of the coffee pods, a canister to store the pods in, and 5 $20 off coupons to share with friends and family who want to buy their own Senseo Coffee Pod System. I had to pay the shipping, but pretty soon I'm going to be enjoying my very own cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

I think there's still time to sign up to see if you can get your own - U.S. residents only. Otherwise, I'll let you know when I get it and how good it is, and I will have those $20 off coupons, so let me know if you'd like one of those.


  1. Although the smell of coffee is one of my favorite aroma's ever, I don't drink it--but that pic makes me wonder if I'm missing out! Looks delicious!

  2. I'm not coffee drinker, never was and I can't me drinking it in the future... although that cup looks like it might be worth trying.'

    I am tagging you with a frienship link meme on rantings blog

    take care


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