Thursday, February 14, 2008

Future Interior Designer?

Beth came home today with an information sheet from a school for Interior Design. That's something she's been interested in since middle school. They had a unit in their FACE (Family and Consumer Education) class where they had to decorate a room. I'm not sure if it was on the computer or on paper, but she sailed right through that assignment and decorated a couple more rooms while everyone else was working on their first one. I don't know if it's something she wants to do because it's easy, and she doesn't have to put forth much effort, or if it's really something she likes. This is partially why we wanted her to look into the Youth Options program at school - where the school would pay for her to take classes at WCTC next year because they aren't offered in the high school. The classes would count toward required high school graduation credits, and she'd also get college credit for them. That way she could learn some more about design without putting a lot of money into it. Then, if she still likes it, she can finish the required courses on her own.

That could save her/us a bit of money. The school she was looking at today costs $5000 per semester, and it takes 3 years. She added that up and realized it comes to $30,000. I wonder if now she'll be more willing to check out the Youth Options thing, realizing that school's not cheap. We've tried reasoning with her, but she's the kind that has figure it out for herself. She is at least talking about looking into whether there are jobs for interior designers, where they are, and how much they pay. So, at least she's thinking about the future.


  1. My step-daughter seriously considered interior design, but she decided she wanted to go for a career in event planning (more specifically, she wants to own a business and do wedding planning). She still loves interior design though, and she really awesome at it - she's got great ideas.

  2. What a cool career! I'm sure she is going to do great!


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