Thursday, February 28, 2008

Enough for Some Folly Beach SC real estate?

  • 12 pounds of hamburger bagged and in the freezer.
  • 10 packages of shredded cheese bagged and in the freezer.
and that's just for today. I really believe in buying in large quantities so I can save money. Of course it only works if you have freezer space and hopefully an extra refrigerator, which we do. Sometimes it's not cheaper to buy the larger size, like yesterday when I was looking at either buying a 10-pound bag of flour or the 5-pound bag. Usually the larger bag would cost less per pound, but not there. Sometimes I think they just play around with prices hoping that someone won't notice and will buy the larger item just assuming it's a better deal. At least most of the shelf tags list the cost per ounce, unit, or pound, and that makes it easy to compare. If I actually had to do the math, I might be in trouble.

Still, I like to get the best deal possible - always. If I don't, it really bothers me. I may not be saving enough to buy some folly beach sc real estate, but every little bit helps. For instance, on that flour yesterday? I bought the 5-pound bag at Walmart for $1.82. Then, when I got to Pick 'n Save they had it on sale for $1.29. Thanks for telling me! There are times I would actually go back to the first store and return the more expensive item. Instead, yesterday I just bought two more bags of flour. That'll teach 'em!

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  1. That just labels you as a great Mom !!! I try hard to find the best deals to...Have a wonderful weekend !!!


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